Why You Should Visit Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is an amazing country full of life and many other good things. You will have a blast with your family and peers if you drop by the right places at the right time. We will let you know what Bangladesh has in store for you so you can have fun.

Cox’s Bazar Beach
Cox’s Bazar Beach is an incredible beach that you need to visit today. The ambiance here is truly awesome and you will love every bit of it. You will also find a lot of friendly people here that you can talk to right away. They are truly awesome.
Lalbag Fort
Lalbag Fort will allow you to live an amazing journey that you will love. If you need a great place to visit, Lalbag Fort is for you. If you also love history, Lalbag Fort is for you because you will manage to learn a lot of things about Bangladesh in no time.
National Parliament House
The National Parliament House is pretty well designed, and you will love this nice area in no time. The Parliament of Bangladesh gets together here, so it is a stately place after all. There is nothing quite like this in Dhaka city these days. Ovens are really popular here like the convection ovens singapore.
Ahsan Manzil
Ahsan Manzil is the historical place that you need to visit today if you want to find out more about Bangladesh. Spending a good time with your friends and family is great when you visit this place. You will find outstanding gardens here that will allow you to have a blast quickly and easily.
Remember that Bangladesh has a lot of amazing places that you can visit today. Having fun at the beach is easy at Cox’s Bazar Beach, and your friends and family members will love this place. Bangladesh seems to have everything you might want to spend quality time with your family so you can relax right away whenever you need to.

Why You Should Visit Pakistan

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Pakistan is home to some of the amazing tourist spots and cultural diversity. The country has attraction sites like the ruins of Mohenjodaro and Harappa. These are the two iconic cities of Indus Valley civilization. Visiting the site retakes you to the history books. The sites are located in Punjab close to Lahore. The estimation is that the cities were developed in the early 2600BCE.

Kaghan Valley offers you a magical experience with its amazing lakes, mountains, and waterfalls. The site is in the beautiful town of Naran in the Mansehra district in Pakhtunkhwa province. Kunhar River seasonally experiences glacial melts that meander down the valley giving a magical experience. Visit the earthquake island. The island came into being after the 2013 massive earthquake. It is a few kilometers off the coast of Pakistan and is the newest island in the world and the biggest masterpiece of nature.

Pakistanis are very hospitable and welcoming. Many locals host tourists free and share their culture with the visitors. Life in Pakistan is economical, and the culture is amazing. You can interact with the locals and enjoy the culture and food. Alternatively, go to the marketplace and purchase amazing handmade items such as shoes, handbags, etc. take a leisure tour of the streets during your free time and attend the Balle Balle weddings which are lit with fresh flowers, vibrant colors, and guests dressed in gorgeous attires that will blow your mind.

The shopping malls and the marketplace are full of amazing products and are one of the most remarkable experiences. The streets are always lively with amazing transport services from rickshaws, colorful buses with funny slogans. Pakistan is rich in ancient architectural sites that are now open for visitors. The architectural sites include Badshahi Masjid located at Lahore, Shalimar Gardens that is enclosed by pavilions, red sandstones, minarets and several trees surrounding the waterways. The garden has over 400 fountains adding to the uniqueness of the garden.

Other sites include Jehangir Tomb for the Mughal Emperor, Faisal mosques, Lahore fort, Sikkar bridge, and the K2 mountain. The mountain is the highest point in Karakoram Range and is located on the Pakistan-china border. However, you can only climb it from the Pakistan side and highly recommended for mountain climbing ventures.